starting with the kitchen sink

my morning cliff walk    “Where do you live” is an easy question for me to answer.  “Where’s home?” is not.  After 16 houses and nine cities since high school, there’s a continual current underneath my life that searches for community. Pull on the big girl panties, let go of that infamous expat curse, nostalgia (read Allende’s “Of Love and Shadows”) and be present.  “Just this, right here,” my yoga teacher reminds me.  3rdculturekids have that gift.  We just have to get past “pissed off” at the sadness and do what we’ve known how to do since the beginning. “Home” is where we choose to make it. I’m going to gather great tips for leaving home and coming back (that’s right: expat time travel does not have to be as painful as a bad Star Trek transport. )

I’ll be sharing the top 20 actions you can take to be a better choral singer. Hint: choral singers are great listeners: that’s what we do really well.

Expats can get pretty good at this, too.  We watch new cities, new jobs, new cultures for clues about how to fit in and get along when all you want to do is find a store that sells Kleenex.

Coming soon will be a great recipe for kidney bean soup – vegetarian or meat-filled — that’s a no-brainer comfort food for when you’re frantic or sad or hungry or all three.  And for those mornings when terror hits before the toothpaste hits the brush, I’ll share ways I’ve found to live through anxiety.  First clue: three deep breaths.  It’s about putting yourself back in your body and out of your crazy head that’s probably lying to you right this moment.

This is a beta in the best sense:  I’m sitting in a social media workshop in Los Angeles finally learning how to create digital community.


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