That was now. This is then.

© 2017 Kimberly Ayers. All rights reserved. Excerpt from Vagabond Gifts: An American Childhood in Saudi Arabia.        It has grown stuffy in the departure lounge. Close to four hundred women and children have been waiting more than an hour.  The mothers with babies on their laps sit in worn leather chairs that used... Continue Reading →


At each point the heart breaks, it becomes at once more tough and more tender -- KA / 1993

starting with the kitchen sink

    "Where do you live" is an easy question for me to answer.  "Where's home?" is not.  After 16 houses and nine cities since high school, there's a continual current underneath my life that searches for community. Pull on the big girl panties, let go of that infamous expat curse, nostalgia (read Allende's "Of Love... Continue Reading →

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